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Recommended  for drives where single belts vibrate, turn over or jump  off the drive.

Product  Description :

1,Double fabric cover offers extreme abrasion and wear resistance.

2,Chloroprene rubber compounds provide super  oil and heat resistance.

3,Construction design confirm stable   power transmission for long distance.

4,At least 40% higher power ratings than standard V belts.

5,Better resistance to vibrations, Less maintenance,  less downtime.

6,Temperature resistance: -30°C - +100°C, limited oil resistance, antistatic.

7,The banded construction allows multiple belts to function  as a single unit, with even load distribution and each  sheave  groove.

Type Top Width Pitch Width Height Wedge
Spec sheet
mm mm mm
R3V 9 10.3 10 40 La=Li+63 details
R5V 15 17.5 16 40 La=Li+98
R8V 25 28.6 25.5 40 La=Li+157

Structure Function Material
1.Cover fabric Protects the inner parts of the belt and strong abrasion on the pulley groove Cotton fabric, Polyester, Cotton synthetic fabric
2.Tension member Primary material for transferring power Polyester with specially  treated
3.Top compression rubber Maintains belt shape (upper) NR, CR,SBR
4.Adhesive rubber Supports and protects tension member adhesion NR, CR,SBR
5.Bottom compression rubber Maintains belt shape (lower) NR, CR,SBR