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Markets/Application Suitable for light agricultural machines.

Product Description : High friction coefficient, fine wear resistance, high transmission efficiency, good flexibility for the use of pressure wheel, small loss of bending stress and centrifugal stress, high transmission capacity, the belt can maintain a longer life.

Type Top Width Height Length
mm mm
SA 12.7 7 La/Li Li=La-44 28-200
SB 16.7 9 La/Li Li=La-57 28-200
SC 22.2 11 La/Li Li=La-69 36-200

Structure Function Material
1.Cover fabric Protects the inner parts of the belt and strong abrasion on the pulley groove Cotton fabric, Polyester, Cotton synthetic fabric
2.Tension member Primary material for transferring power Polyester, Kevlar
3.Top compression rubber Maintains belt shape (upper) CR
4.Adhesive rubber Supports and protects tension member adhesion CR
5.Bottom compression rubber Maintains belt shape (lower) CR