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Suitable for:

Office automation equipments, Medical equipment, Packaging machinery.

Swimming pool cleaning robots, Plotters Money changers, Optical instruments,

Robotic arms, Electric appliances.

Vacuum systems, Vending machines, Food machinery, Textile machinery,

DIY equipments.

Timing belt used for robotic arms

Product Description:

PU timing belts are manufartured in thermoset polyurethane by a unique

moulding process.

The high-grade polyurethane gives superior wear and abrasion resistance.

Several type of cords, helicoidally rolled up inside the belts, assure excellent

dimensional stability and offer high performances in terms of flexibility and

traction resistance.

Mechanical features:

Low noise, High flexibility, Low pre-tension.Low maintenance, High abrasion resistance, linear speeds up to 80M/sec, consistent dimensional stability.

Timing belt used for robotic arms

Chemical features:

Anti-Ageing, Hydrolysis, UVA, Ozone High resistance to oil, fat and grease good resistance to most acids and alkalis working temperature range -30°C to + 80°C (up to+H0°Cfor short period)

PU timing belts represent a modern and efficient system of power transmission

They are used of belt teeth gear in mesh to transmit the driving force.

Color: Transparent, Pink, Grey, Coffee

Cords: Steel, Kevlar, Nylon

Coating: PU timing belts can be manufactured with special coatings, in order to fit many applications with different requirements, such as red

rubber, Linatex, APL, PU. etc.