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Applicatable to Fitness equipment, household appliances, electric tools, woodworking equipment, garden machinery, food machinery.
For example: the washing machine, running machine, small air compressor, the lawn mower, mixer, ect.

Product  Description :
Feture: good elasticity, stable transimission, vibration absorption, noise reducing  stable tension.
The degree of tightness being asjusted automaticcally to maintain the stable tension, wide application, easy installation, etc.
The belt can be installated on the the fixed pully.
Adopting cotton cord as the tensile body and wedge mold once formed, beautiful, neat, high wedge accuracy and excellent elasticity advantage.
The belt can be installated on the the fixed pully.

Type Pitch Width Angle Rib Height Wedge Base Arc
Radiusrt, Max, Value
Effective Belt Minimum Diameter
of Pulley
Maximum Linear
PB a h max mm mm mm m/s N/Rib
EPH 1.6 40 1.2+/-0.1 0.15 225-2300 2.4-2.8 8 80 25-30
EPJ 2.34 40 1.6+/-0.1 0.2 240-2300 3-3.5 16 60 35-50
EPK 3.56 40 2.5+/-0.2 0.25 550-2000 4.5-5 45 55 90-110

E means Elastic