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Suitable for all industrial serpentine applications requiring rotation reversal on some driven shafts.

Applicable to multiple shaft transmission systems such as spinning and agricultural  machines.

Product  Description :

1,Great flexibility and multuple working surfaces.

2,This belt is designed with an unique recessed top and  bottom to maintain sidewa II contact, while remaining flexible for drives that require power transmission from both sides of the belt.

3,Temperature  resistance:  -45°C  - +80°C.

4,Standards: ISO5289, DIN772, RMA.

Type Top Width Height Wedge
Weight/m Spec sheet
mm mm kgs
AA 43 10 40 Li=La-63 Lw/Li 0.15 details
BB 17 13 40 Li=La-82 Lw/Li 0.25 details
CC 22 17 40 Li=La-107 Lw/Li 0.44 details
DD 32 25 40 Li=La-157 Lw/Li 0.86 details

Structure Function Material
1.Cover fabric Protects the inner parts of the belt and strong abrasion on the pulley groove Cotton fabric, Polyester, Cotton synthetic fabric
2.Tension member Primary material for transferring power Polyester with specially  treated
3.Top compression rubber Maintains belt shape (upper) NR, CR,SBR
4.Adhesive rubber Supports and protects tension member adhesion NR, CR,SBR
5.Bottom compression rubber Maintains belt shape (lower) NR, CR,SBR